Hot and Heavy

If you want a dish that will warm you up on a cold winter day, then a trip to Spice Café for Creole jambalaya is a must. Created upon a base of what is referred to as the “holy trinity” — onions, bell peppers, and celery — owner and chef Illya Williams adds his own unique mixture of Andouille sausage, seasoned chicken, tomatoes, and spices to create his hearty, thick stew. Served over white rice, the dish is healthy and offers a kick of flavor.

An avid traveler, Williams opened Spice Café, 6840 Logan Drive, in June 2016 to bring together flavors of places he has visited, especially New Orleans, where a family member taught him to cook authentic Creole dishes. The restaurant’s name comes from its diverse collection of spices used to create the meals.

“I don’t mind hot, but I still want to be able to taste the flavors,” says Williams, who also is an information technology professional.

He says the jambalaya is one of his most-requested items, and he soon will add a vegetarian variety to the menu. The jambalaya starts at $7.95 for a lunch portion and $8.95 for dinner, with the option of adding shrimp.

For more information about Spice Café, call 812-602-5050 or visit its page on Facebook.

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