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To be a Hoosier is to know and love Abraham Lincoln, and residents of southern Indiana know better than anyone the impact the former president had on the area. Nothing made this more obvious than last year’s authentication of Lincoln’s mallet kept and hidden by the Carter family in Spencer County for 188 years.

Evansville Living shared the astounding history in the May/June 2016 issue through the award-winning Lincoln mallet cover designed and illustrated by Creative Director Heather Gray and story by Editor Kristen K. Tucker (“The Lincoln Mallet”) on the family secret passed down for five generations.

A year after the revelation of the mallet, evidence of Lincoln’s influence is as strong as ever. The Spencer County Historical Society once again investigated an artifact connected to Lincoln — this time a powder horn dating back to the 1832 Black Hawk War.

However, these artifacts are not the only way to take in the history of Lincoln in southern Indiana. The Rockport Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum offers up opportunities for visitors to see historic artifacts and learn more about our 16th president. During the museum’s heritage days on Oct. 28 and 29, sightseers can step back in time with costumed interpreters, demonstrations, and kids’ activities.

“Our hidden treasure has many interesting facts,” says Nancy Kaiser, museum co-director. “The museum has been revamped with new displays and artifacts this year, giving it a completely different look.”

The museum boasts a large collection of Lincoln memorabilia for history buffs to enjoy, even featuring an artifact built by Lincoln.

“Our most significant artifact on display is a cabinet which was made by Abraham Lincoln himself, taught by his father Thomas who was an excellent carpenter,” says Kaiser. “The cabinet was made for the Crawford family, who were neighbors of the Lincolns and also who Abe worked for from time to time.”

For more information on the Rockport Lincoln Pioneer Village & Museum, call 812-649-9147 or visit

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