Strung Out

String art is a great way to add some dimension and a bit of retro style to a wall in your home. This craft was a hit in the 1960s due to the popularity of string art kits. The kits allowed crafters to create designs ranging from geometric shapes to intricate depictions of peacocks, locomotives, and sail boats.

Today, crafters are coming up with their own unique ideas for string art without the aid of kits. It’s a relatively simple craft, and you can completely customize the colors and design to suit your tastes.

To start, you’ll need to create a design that you can draw on paper or cut out from a magazine that you will then tape to a slice of wood. Letters, silhouettes of animals or objects, and geometric shapes work best. Next, you’ll need some items from your local craft store. The following is a full list of supplies you’ll need to start the craft:

• Unfinished wood slice (or other backboard)
• Acrylic paint (optional)
• Paint brush (optional)
• Nails
• Hammer
• Embroidery floss
• Image inspiration printout

In the example shown, the raw wood slice has been painted with blue acrylic paint, but this step is optional. Once the paint is dry, lay your image on top of the wood as your guide. Tape your printed image to the wood slice. Next, hammer the nails directly into the image and the wood at a uniform height, spacing them as evenly as possible. Once all of the nails are in place, tear out the design. Then, apply the string by wrapping it around the nails in the pattern of your choosing. Tie the string to any nail to start, and then tie it off when you’re done. With enough tension, the strings stay relatively in place. Affix a hanger onto the back, and your creation is ready for display.

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