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Following graduation, many high school classmates lose touch. It’s common to wonder whatever happened to that guy who sat next to you in study hall, or that girl who had a locker next to yours.

But a few local graduates are pretty easy to find. They’ve gone on to fame or fortune – or both – in a variety of ways. From Playmates to politicians, they’ve been in the public eye. We’ve compiled a list of some of the people you could’ve sat next to in an Evansville high school, and who probably should have been voted “most likely to succeed.”

William Henry Harrison High School

Calbert Cheaney (1989) – NCAA men’s basketball player of the year at Indiana University, NBA player

Randall Shepard (1965) – Chief Justice of the Indiana State Supreme Court

Amanda Herrmann (1998) – Playboy Magazine’s Miss May 2008

Brad Ellsworth (1976) – Former Vanderburgh County Sheriff and U.S. Representative from Indiana’s Eighth Congressional District

Walter McCarty (1992) – Former NBA player with the Knicks, Celtics, Suns, and Clippers, and currently an assistant coach with the Celtics.

Steven Sater (1972) – Poet, playwright, lyricist, television writer, and screenwriter. Two-time Tony Award winner.

Paula Leggett Chase (1979) – Television actress, best known for roles on “30 Rock” and “The Sound of Music Live!”

Jami Stallings (2004) – Miss Indiana 2007

Benjamin Bosse High School

Arad McCutchan (1930) – Hall of Fame basketball coach at Evansville College

Pete Fox (1927) – Major League Baseball player from 1933 to 1945

Roy Halston Frowick (1950) – 1970s American fashion designer known as Halston

Ruth Siems (1949) – Creator of Stove Top Stuffing

Michael Michele Williams (1985) – Actress, best known for role on TV show “E.R.”

F.J. Reitz High School

Don Hansen (1965) – NFL linebacker for the Vikings, Falcons, Seahawks, and Packers

Matt Williams (1985) – TV producer whose shows include “The Cosby Show,” “Home Improvement,” and “Roseanne”

Central High School

Lee Hamilton (1948) – U.S. Representative from Indiana’s Ninth Congressional District

Andy Benes (1985) – Major League Baseball pitcher

Lloyd Winnecke (1978) – Mayor of Evansville

Reitz Memorial High School

Don Mattingly (1979) – Major League Baseball player and manager

Larry Stallings (1960) – Pro Bowl linebacker for the St. Louis Cardinals in the NFL

Jonathan Weinzapfel (1984) – Former Mayor of Evansville

North High School

Dave Schellhase (1963) – NBA basketball player, NCAA basketball coach

Bob Ford (1968) – ABA basketball player, Purdue basketball broadcaster

Jeff Overton (2001) – PGA golfer

Mater Dei High School

Suzanne Crouch (1970) – Indiana State Auditor

Castle High School

Jamey Carroll – (1992) Major League Baseball player

Michael Rosenbaum – (1991) Television and movie actor and director

Bryce Hunt (2000) – Olympic swimmer

Evansville Day School

Molly Newman (1972) – Tony Award nominee in 1985

William Snyder (1977) – Four time Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer

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