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In the past year, Pita Pit owner Nick Conati has introduced Evansville to a new kind of pita. These sandwiches, similar to a big walking burrito, begin with Lebanese flatbread prepared solely for Pita Pit by a private baker. These fresh-to-order pitas can be enjoyed on either a white or wheat pita, or served as a salad, referred to as fork style. Located at 1211 Tutor Lane, the restaurant has a menu with suggested toppings and sauces for each pita. Yet each pita sandwich can be completely customized to satisfy customers’ tastes.

The menu offers a variety of pita options. The guaranteed freshness of the meats at Pita Pit make the chicken souvlaki, prime rib, Philly steak, and Dagwood popular choices. Some popular vegan and vegetarian items include the falafel and the spicy black bean. Shipments of fresh meats and ingredients are delivered daily. Pita Pit’s open grill is the restaurant’s defining feature. That’s where meats can be sautéed with a choice of vegetables, 20 sauces, and 30 toppings.

“We don’t use microwaves or toaster ovens,” Conati, the 43-year-old Evansville resident, says. “Sautéing the veggies up with the meats changes the flavor completely.” Once fully dressed, the pita bread is then stuffed, rolled, and ready to eat. Adding a side of chips and seasonal fruits and soups completes this healthy alternative to other fast foods.

The menu includes a nutritional guide that offers calorie counts for each of the products. There also is an extensive allergy chart for all ingredients. Additionally, Pita Pit’s resolution solution menu will be available starting this month, offering even lower calorie options than usual for customers looking to stay fit with New Year’s resolutions. Catering trays and boxed lunches are also popular sellers.

For more information on Pita Pit, call 812-402-6205 or visit

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