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Water has long inspired art, and, in its fourth year, the New Harmony Music Festival and School has channeled that inspiration with the theme “Rivers, Waterways, and Streams of Life.” Various performers like Mazz Swift and Michael Brown will perform music inspired by waterways, including the Mississippi River basin.

The festival and school is a weeklong event from July 5 to 12 presented by the New Harmony Artists Guild, a nonprofit charity catering to the arts. The event focuses on non-amplified concerts in the styles of classical chamber music, improvisational jazz, and traditional folk music.

“I believe diverse music can be presented on the same stage on the same evening with wonderful results for the listener,” says Christopher Layer, founder and director of the New Harmony Music Festival and School. “The festival school allows students from one musical discipline to delve into other musical disciplines in a sort of learning ‘safe space’ each day of the school.”

During the festival week, music students have the opportunity to study with the featured musicians and to perform publicly at the event. The music doesn’t end with the festival either; all concerts are recorded live, and audience members can enjoy the music as a free download on the music festival and school’s website.

For more information about New Harmony Music Festival and School, call 812-472-4321 or visit newharmonymusicfest.com.

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