The Spice of Life

The rich aroma of Indian spices wafts through the air as the warm, sweet scent of curry engulfs the senses. These delectable smells and tastes can be found at Bombay Spice Bar and Grill, located off Diamond Avenue, an eatery bringing authentic Indian dishes to Evansville.

Owner Jagtar Singh opened the restaurant May 1, 2018, because he noticed the area lacked choices from the cuisine of his heritage.

“A lot of people love Indian food,” says Singh. “They used to have to drive to Louisville, Kentucky, or farther to get it, so this area really needed a good Indian restaurant.”

One popular dish at the restaurant is the lamb chops. Two tender chops marinated for more than 12 hours in a spiced yogurt sauce sit atop a bed of sautéed onions and peppers. Fresh lemon slices and cilantro accompany the colorful dish.

The lamb pairs well with the classic Indian flatbread naan. Chefs Bal and Ajaya Gurung use a traditional clay oven called a tandoor to cook the slices of bread. The restaurant offers a variety of naan options. The garlic naan, made with fresh garlic and cilantro then bathed in melted butter, is the perfect vessel to soak up all the left over sauce from the chops.

Bombay Spice boasts an extensive menu and offers a lunch buffet for customers to try an array of dishes.

“We’re in a great, central locationfor people to come on their lunch breaks,” says Singh.

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