Through the Lens

Many people have hobbies they enjoy privately, but Evansville native Westly Coleman puts his passion for photography on full display. After starting to snap photos about a year ago, the University of Southern Indiana custodian joined the Evansville Photography Group on Facebook where he learned more about taking professional photos and eventually created an Instagram page to share his own.

“The admin, Tom Barrows, is always willing to share his knowledge,” says Coleman. “Sometimes I’ll have an idea for a photo, but most days I just hop in the car and go see what I can find.”

Coleman’s most popular photos have featured Evansville’s landscape as well as Downtown. Putting his tripod in the Ohio River to photograph a foggy night Downtown or driving to the edge of the Twin Bridges, Coleman says his passion is for the details.

“I like taking photos of landscapes, but I also love cityscapes and minimalistic things,” he says.

Follow Coleman at @westlycoleman

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