True Grit

Indiana is known as the “Crossroads of America” for its interstates, but The Dapper Pig on Haynie’s Corner applies the state motto to its food as well. “It’s like the gateway of the South meets Midwest,” says the restaurant’s executive chef Wess Rose. With influences from all over the region, the restaurant’s mainstay shrimp and grits is a “bastardization,” as Rose calls it, of familiar Midwest ingredients. 

Fresh Face Scallions garnish the dish, adding a subtle punch to cheesy grits, savory demi-glace, crispy bacon, and sweet shrimp.

Fine Swine: It wouldn’t be a classic Midwest dish without a healthy portion of bacon — applewood-smoked bacon to be exact.

Say Cheese: The Dapper Pig’s cheesy twist on the region’s typically sweet wheat breakfast is a corn grit made from polenta, cooked in house-made chicken stock, and packed with cheddar cheese.

Saving Glace: To top off the grit’s complex flavor combo, demi-glace made from house-made beef stock and finished with butter is poured on top for a rich and savory finish.

Go Fish: 16/20 gold shrimp caramelized with in-house barbecue create the titular ingredient. The Dapper Pig’s interpretation of Midwest barbecue has a tomato base with a little bit of sugar, a little bit of pepper, and a little bit of heat.

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