Cool for the Summer

Honey + Moon Coffee's wine slushies, such as the Honeymoon Mimosa and Getaway Frosé, are a fun, tasty, and flavorful.

Congratulations, you’ve survived another week of Southern Indiana’s summer humidity. While there isn’t an official award for this occasion, you can still treat yourself to an icy celebration this weekend.

The wine slushies at Honey + Moon Coffee are a fun, tasty, and cool way to escape the season’s heat and enjoy the sunshine. Managing Editor Jodi Keen and I tried the two flavors, Honeymoon Mimosa and Getaway Frosé, available at the original location at 612 S. Weinbach Ave.

The Honeymoon Mimosa is the perfect drink for summer. It packs a refreshing punch of sweet frozen flavors that please the taste buds and awaken the senses from their mid-summer slump.

“The Frosé slushie is a light but flavorful treat,” says Keen. “It has just the right amount of tang. This slushie is perfect for people who think moscato is too sweet — the slushie tempers the sweetness so it’s not as strong and lightens the wine load. But don’t think you won’t get a brain freeze if you drink it fast — a slushie is a slushie, and you will.”

The wine slushies are sold at both Honeymoon locations in a 16-ounce cup for $6 or a 20-ounce cup for $6.75. Drinks must be consumed entirely on Honey + Moon’s premises; wine slushies are not of the grab-and-go variety. The store at 1211 Tutor Lane, Suite E2 also has moscato and margarita flavors available.


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