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Tea Party

In September last year, Evansville got a taste of a colorful, fun new Asian treat. Mr. Bubble Tea, located at 503 N. Green River Road, opened to bring unique flavors to the community with its bubble teas and other Asian drinks.

“There’s not really anything like that here in Evansville,” says assistant manager Hope Burdette. “You’ll find it in the bigger cities, so we wanted to incorporate that into the community.”

The bubble milk teas are the most popular item, she says, and come in flavors like strawberry, matcha green tea, chocolate, pineapple, and taro (which Burdette describes as tasting like fruity pebbles). Each drink also features the boba bubbles, which are small tapioca balls that get sucked up through a big straw along with the milk tea.

“It’s really different; not a lot of people know what it is,” says Burdette. “It’s had a really good reception so far, and everyone really likes it.”

Bubble Over
Mr. Bubble Tea
812-550-3166 • mrbubbleteas.com


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