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April / May 2017

Back Talk

Butch Hancock

Hometown: Evansville, Indiana Job: Senior Managing Partner of Evansville Operations, Kenny Kent Resume: Sales, O’Daniel-Ranes Oldsmobile, 1980-1981; Pre-owned Sales, Kenny Kent, 1981-1988; New Car Sales Manager, 1988-1991; New and Used Car Sales Manager, 1991-1998; General Sales Manager, 1998-2003; General Manager, 2003-2005; Partner, 2005-2014.

Business Front

Bright Light

Step into the lobby of the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center along Bellemeade Avenue at any given time and you’re sure to be greeted by a welcoming face. But find your way there after 3 p.m., and the front lobby is bustling with parents talking like old friends and children laughing as they play. Though the center treats both adults and children throughout the day, it is after school hours when the halls of Easterseals seem to come alive.

No Passport to Adventure

As I write this letter, I am on vacation with my wife and youngest son, beachside in Puerto Rico. We have traveled extensively through the Caribbean, but had never before visited this beautiful island. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Old San Juan is an absolutely beautiful area within San Juan. We are staying at a resort-style hotel, Hotel Intercontinental. The weather is 85 degrees and sunny, while at home it is cold and rainy.

For Pets’ Sake

It’s a bit of a coincidence how Liz and Quincy Zikmund came to own Give A Dog A Bone, a natural pet food market located at 5626 E. Virginia St. The Evansville couple had been shopping at the store for a number of years for their pug Murphie before Liz took a job there in 2012. As time went by, it became a bit of a joke between the Zikmunds that if the store ever went up for sale, they would take over ownership.

Stepping In

Eight years ago Curt Jones of Evansville was watching his son run at an athletic field day when all of a sudden it hit him. He finally had the idea for his first business: Ultimate Fit.

Site Appeal

Albion Fellows Bacon Center has taken a new step to engage and reach out to both victims of domestic abuse and supporters of the center. The nonprofit organization, which has worked for more than 35 years to prevent domestic violence and sexual abuse, recently brought its website up to date by making it more mobile friendly and giving it a more positive and empowering feel.

A Family Guy

Take a minute and think of a few community leaders, people you do business with, or perhaps engage with in the nonprofit world. You’re familiar with them, you see them often, but how much do you really know? Every issue, I will take someone in the community who we all “know” and get the story behind their story. Lunch will be on me (how else could I get anyone to go to lunch?) and we will talk about all things non-business. For this issue, Ron Ryan, Boys & Girls Club executive director, and I met at the Deerhead Tavern on April 3 for a lengthy discussion.

Top Dog

Twenty years ago, the All Pet Emergency Clinic only was a dream of local veterinarians. They questioned why Evansville and the surrounding area didn’t have its own emergency pet clinic. The need for such a center brought together a group of 23 local veterinarians, who gathered shareholders, held meetings, and realized their dream by opening APEC, located at 104 S. Heidelbach Ave., in 1997.