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December / January 2018

Evansville Business

Box Office Stars

Paul Stieler loves the movies — and not just because he owns movie theaters. Not only does the 80-year-old Showplace Cinemas owner (who professes being addicted to theater popcorn since he was 10 years old) still make his way to his office at the North location each day, he and his wife Joanne also have a standing date each Sunday to see a movie at the theater — always with plenty of popcorn.

Back Talk

Shawn McCoy

Hometown: Evansville Education: Bachelor’s degree in industrial management from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana; master’s degree in business administration from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.

Business Front

“The Honor is All Mine”

I will just get right down to it. As most of you know, I am a man of few words. Oct. 21, 2017, was one of the most memorable days of my life.

Change of Plans

Plans for the highly anticipated renovations of the city’s tallest building at 420 Main St. have fallen through. The building, renamed City Tower at 420 Main earlier this year, was put on the market once again at the end of November.

Get Physical

Pat Wempe, CEO and physical therapist at ProRehab, might struggle at first to remember a person’s name, but he won’t forget their feet. The company, aside from general physical and occupational therapy services, provides several specialty programs, like foot orthotics made in ProRehab’s on-site lab. Started in 1999, ProRehab has grown over the years to include 13 locations and two home health divisions in Kentucky and Indiana.

Path of Travel

Risk taker and thrill seeker — many have asked veteran driving instructor Bob Hawkins if he fits any of these descriptions. The daunting task of teaching first-time drivers surely has afforded him some interesting stories. But to Hawkins, there’s nothing very terrifying about the job. “Everyone thinks being an instructor is such a scary thing,” he says. “But really, kids are all the same — once they have a little confidence, most of them take right off.”

Apples to Androids

The tech world was taken by storm this fall when Apple unveiled the new iPhone X, and many diehards of the brand hope to find the newest iteration waiting for them this season under the Christmas tree. Andriod phones, however, continue to show they not only keep up with Apple, but might even beat the tech giant. Motorola released its most recent challenger last year — the moto z family. With the ever-growing price of Apple products and the comeback of brands like Motorola, is the iPhone X really worth the hype?

Midwest Vibe

A mix of old and modern greets guests and clients as they enter Redstitch Digital. Nestled in the former Indiana Stove Works building at 104 N. Sixth Ave., Redstitch employees share space in a collaborative environment that blends exposed brick and old barn wood with industrial elements and contemporary décor.

Home Run

After his long and illustrious career in Major League Baseball, Don Mattingly, now the manager of the Miami Marlins, decided he wanted to give back. When determining how and where to begin his nonprofit organization, Mattingly Charities, Don follow ed Mark Twain’s advice — “Write what you know.” “We started off just by following our hearts and following places we felt like we wanted to be involved in,” he says. “For me, it was easy to start with sports activities.”