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December / January 2022

Evansville Business

Passing the Torch

In September 2021, Indiana Landmarks transferred ownership of the old Greyhound bus terminal to Indianapolis-based Cunningham Restaurant Group, the culmination of a project started in 2014 to restore the well-known structure and bring new business to Downtown Evansville. “The building

Reppin’ Your Teams

One of the more fun things in life for sports fans is following “your teams.” I am of the opinion that real sports fans don’t ever waiver from their teams and alliances. True fans stick with their teams through the

Back Talk

Back Talk: Leslie Townsend

Education: Bachelor’s degree in history and sociology and master’s degree in liberal studies from the University of Southern Indiana Resume: Admissions counselor, University of Southern Indiana, 1990-1992; coordinator of admissions, Ivy Tech Community College, 1992-1994; assistant director of admissions, University

Business Front

Porch Product

 The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed many aspects of our lives, but home delivery stands above the rest as perhaps the most accelerated change. One Evansville-engineered product is looking to make it safer, easier, and more efficient. HomeValet is a subscription-based

A New Nest

Loud and proud, fans cheer for the University of Southern Indiana’s volleyball and basketball teams from the 4,800 seats in the 90,000-square-foot Screaming Eagles Arena that opened April 4, 2019. On the third floor of the attached building, sprawling toward

Staying Connected

When a MetroNet business sign was installed on the Courier & Press newspaper building at 300 E. Walnut St. last year, some River City residents were left scratching their heads. Who was MetroNet? Where did it come from? What service

Green Space Gains

 If you build it, they will come. That phrase largely has rang true in Warrick County, where the revitalization of its three main parks has led an increase in the area’s population and a boost to economic development. Two of

In a Word: Resolutions

Krista Lockyear I believe resolutions are symbolic of both winning and losing, and how an individual deals with both. I picture Sisyphus pushing the boulder uphill again and again. Resolutions are challengers, something internally important to an individual, that we

High-Rise Hospitality

As a controlled implosion brought the 18-story Fifth and Main Building to the ground Nov. 21, Welborn Baptist Foundation had an up-close view, watching from two blocks away in its new office atop Fifth Third Center. The foundation, which supports


Ask Evansville Business Magazine: Downtown Development

What is being built at 217-219 Main St. between Rogers Academy of Hair Design and Shing-Lee Chinese Restaurant? Construction by Evansville-based Empire Contractors began on the empty lot in January 2021 under the direction of the building’s owner, John Campbell.