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June / July 2013

Evansville Business

The Changing Face of Local Banking

After six months of looking for your dream home, you realize you’ve finally found the perfect place for you and your family. Now, you’re ready to make an offer. Yet there are two problems. First, the house has another serious prospective buyer who’s itching to sign the deal. Second, it’s a Sunday, and you can’t reach your banker.

Building Evansville

Bridge to the Future

David Nichols loves to run. The vice president of the Greater Evansville Runners and Walkers Club (GERWC) has been hitting the pavement for 20 years — through parks, on roads, and on trails. Yet there’s one aspect of his route that he doesn’t enjoy, and that’s the dreaded run across the busy Lloyd Expressway at Vann Avenue.

Back Talk

Christy Gillenwater

Job: New CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio Her Story: After Christy Gillenwater enrolled at Indiana University, she fell in love with Indiana and never left. She enjoys training for sprint triathlons and hitting the greens with her husband, Brad. She describes their blended family of three kids — Jordan, 19, Blake, 15, and Thomas, 3 — as the lights of her life.

Business Front

Partly Cloudy

To the best of my often partly cloudy recollection, I have been writing publisher’s letters in Evansville Business for the last 11 years. As I have written about before, it is always the last item that goes into Evansville Business on the day it goes to print and, on this very rainy morning, let’s just say today is no exception. Over the years, I have been threatened, bribed, yelled at, and shamed over this procrastination and — depending on how you, the reader, look at it — this important task.

Sit and Stay

At O’Hairs Happydog Daycare inc., dogs don’t stay cooped up in a kennel all day. Yet they don’t live in luxury, either. “If you would look at day cares from New York to California, a lot of them advertise features like piped-in music and queen-sized beds, and that’s not what we’re all about,” says owner, master groomer, and lifelong dog lover Debbie Magenheimer. “Dogs love to chase squirrels and dig in the dirt, and that’s what we (enable dogs to) do at Happydog.”

Clean Living

For the past 40 years, Superior Carpet Cleaning has been a family-owned business that puts home and family first. In fact, it’s because of a family member that owner Randy Simmons learned about the carpet business. According to his wife, co-owner Pauline Simmons, Randy was working at what was then called Sigeco (now known as Vectren) in Evansville when he decided to go off on his own to start his own company.

Scramble Your Nest Egg

Here’s the routine for many employees: Human Resources sends out an email saying the company’s retirement plan representative will be in town next week to review your investments. You sign up, go in, look at your massive (or not) portfolio on the representative’s computer screen, and gently get told that you should add more to your 401(k).

Personal and Private

Certified financial planner Ann Pendley is sitting in the conference room of the new Payne Wealth Partners building at 601 N. Cross Pointe Blvd. Through the two ceiling-to-floor glass walls, she can easily see out, and others can easily see in.

Up to Speed

The Internet can be a wonderful tool for businesses looking to succeed in this 21st century market. Yet employers need to be mindful of what their employees are using the Web to do that is not related to work. Staff members who download full-length movies from torrent sites, constantly update their status on Facebook, or who stream music from sites like Pandora.com at work may significantly reduce their company’s network speed. And that’s not good for you or your business.

Swiping Into The Future

It’s small, easy to operate, and convenient. And it’s already being used by some businesses here in Evansville like Penny Lane Coffeehouse and Madeleine’s A Fusion Restaurant. The Square is a small, square-shaped secure credit card reader that connects to your iPhone or iPad. It encrypts every swipe of a credit card through an Internet connection. Simply download the app, sign up on the website, and a free card reader will be mailed to you so you can begin taking payments.

Water-Based Solutions

Lakes and ponds are all around Southwest Indiana. “Many of these water bodies have access vegetation and could benefit from an aeration system, a decorative fountain, or could use assistance in improving their fish population,” says Matthew Johnson, vice president of sales and marketing for Aquatic Control Inc.

Excellence Elevated

Some people graduate from college and never look back. Others, like Ron and Connie Romain, look back by paying forward.

A Truck and a Thousand Bucks

Picture this. Your country is in a recession and you’re an over-the-road truck driver. You have two children to take care of and need to make money. Your boss tells you that you must haul an illegal load for him — no ifs, ands, or buts about it. What do you do? If you are like one local man, you start your own business.