April / May 2011

Evansville Business

Dirty Jobs

Have you ever driven past a backed-up sewer? It stinks. Imagine smelling that odor while in the sewer — 12 feet underground. And, while you’re down there, a snake crosses your path. Travis Hildebrandt doesn’t imagine. His job at the

Building Evansville

Legal Aid

In April 2008, hundreds of lawyers filled what once was the Wedgwood Hall of the Old Courthouse. The meeting that day of the Evansville Bar Association served two purposes. It was the group’s annual luncheon, a chance to mingle among

Back Talk

Lisa Seif

Lisa Seif’s rebellious spirit was fueled by what she calls the “social earthquake” of the 1960s. That decade produced a corresponding drug culture that hit the Harrisburg, Pa., native hard. By age 20, Seif had a drug problem. She promised

Business Front

With Appreciation

Later this month, Tucker Publishing Group leaders will join our peers in Chicago for the City and Regional Magazine Association’s 35th annual conference. This will be the 10th straight year for us to attend, and I am proud to represent

Retro Restoration

For one week in June, the highways are transformed. A flashy flame-painted Corvette C5 and striped Mustang share the road with an old Mopar and an immaculate 1953 Buick. Each vehicle is buffed and shined, and monikers such as “Truck

War Room

In 1966, a teenage David Jones shipped out for Vietnam. Fifteen months later, the clean-cut Marine came home to a nation that had given rise to hippies, protests, and Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit.” Like many other Vietnam veterans, Jones faced

Photo Shop

In November 2009, Joy Loeffler mingled at a wedding reception in Indianapolis when she noticed a photo booth similar to those in malls or tourist traps. She watched as relatives donned large, outrageous hats and bright boas and stepped inside

Opinion Leaders

When PeerIndex debuted on July 28, 2010, Fast Company magazine’s Addy Dugdale dubbed it “the 140-character version of the Google vanity search.” But, the idea of the website, www.peerindex.com, is to answer a question for business leaders and marketing professionals

Back it Up

About a year ago, a good friend lost his MacBook Pro — full of sensitive data because he had just prepared his tax information. Little did he know there were two simple ways he could have saved all of his

Quick Trip

In search of a fun vacation spot for their families, three Evansville couples decided to spend an October weekend in 1987 at John James Audubon State Park in Henderson, Ky. The first left turn across the bridge into the Bluegrass

Flying Solo

In 2004, Tom Austerman traveled to Chicago for a conference that would come to shape the future of his banking career. There, the Evansville banker attended a presentation by Joseph D. Reid, chairman and CEO of bank development company Capitol

This is Wine Country

When Southern Indiana residents Kim and John Doty scouted locations for a winery, they settled on French Lick, Ind. The town was a half-hour’s drive from their home in Jasper, Ind., and the landmark that once attracted national politicians and

60 Second Business Strategy

The Psychology of Vacation

When a relative in England asked how many paid vacation days my job at this magazine offered, she was surprised at my answer: 15. That’s great, considering many of my fellow Gen Yers receive only 10 days off — and

Online Exclusives

Link Up

Dirty Work: Inspired by the hit TV show Dirty Jobs, our feature story by the same title pays tribute to Evansville workers who make civilized life possible. Their occupational hazards range from mold exposure to snakes, but they aren’t the