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April / May 2011


Dirty Jobs

Have you ever driven past a backed-up sewer? It stinks. Imagine smelling that odor while in the sewer — 12 feet underground. And, while you’re down there, a snake crosses your path. Travis Hildebrandt doesn’t imagine. His job at the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility means he lives it. Here, inspired by the hit TV show Dirty Jobs, we salute the workers in Evansville with jobs that may be downright dirty (think mold removal) or make us squeamish (think hair removal). Without them, our lives wouldn’t be so comfortable.

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Dirty Work: Inspired by the hit TV show Dirty Jobs, our feature story by the same title pays tribute to Evansville workers who make civilized life possible. Their occupational hazards range from mold exposure to snakes, but they aren’t the only ones facing danger and discomfort on the job. For one Dirty Jobs episode featuring a cave biologist, “we basically crouched in muddy caves carrying 100 pounds of equipment that couldn’t get wet,” says one crew member.