April / May 2014

Evansville Business

Bandwidth of Brothers

Companies make choices all the time — some big, some small. Jon Ruthenburg and Tom Lewis made a big choice one year after opening Gray Loon Marketing Group in May 1994. They embraced the Internet. “It was the smartest business

Back Talk

Gayle Gerling Pettinga

Job: Principal, Managing Attorney at Gerling Law Offices Hometown: Evansville Her Resume: By 2002, Gayle Gerling Pettinga began leading the firm her father, Gary Gerling, founded in 1963. Before joining the family business, she worked as a congressional intern for

Business Front

Lessons Learned

I have just returned from a lengthy 25th anniversary cruise, encompassing almost two weeks out of the country. The majority of it was spent sailing through an archipelago off the coast of Grenada. A few “coincidences” to share regarding my

Downtown Dream

Nearly three years after the Executive Inn Evansville was torn down to make way for the Ford Center, a few hundred people gathered to watch as Evansville officials broke ground March 10 for a new 10-story, 257-room Hilton DoubleTree hotel.

On Top of Evansville

Whatever else might be said about attorney Neil Chapman’s office, it is the only one of its kind in Evansville. Located on the 17th floor of the 420 Main Building (formerly Old National Bank), no office space in the city

Not So Mini

Turn on the television and chances are you’ll come across a bidding war for someone’s forgotten personal belongings at a storage company. Rather than risk losing personal items to the highest bidder, Tri-State residents can now store their items at

Smiling Faces

Whose Site Is It? The Boys and Girls Club of Evansville is responsible for many smiling faces. In January, the Evansville affiliate of the national organization, which provides a variety of services and programs to help create a positive environment

Locally Grown

A couple of years after Hasting Plants first opened, a newspaper reporter visited the seasonal greenhouse operation near Mount Vernon, Ind., and declared it to be “well worth the drive.” The compliment transformed into a slogan, which drives Nancy Hasting

Eggs By the Million

Each day of production, the Prime Foods plant just outside of Boonville, Ind., rolls out about 1,000,000 hard-cooked eggs. Most go to bulk customers, who then use them for egg salad or other products. But soon, you’ll be able to

Musical Dreams

There's a lot of mythology in American culture surrounding garage startups. A television commercial running these days compares the origins of the likes of Amazon, Disney, and the Ramones — all of which began in garages. This story has more

Great Buys, Great Service

On a Friday afternoon, while driving west on Interstate 70 from Indianapolis, Terry Oates, owner of King’s Great Buys Plus, received a call from a desperate customer. Expecting a large number of people to arrive at his home the next

Almost Ready for Takeoff

The runway relocation at Evansville Regional Airport, which is now underway, will improve safety and put the runway in line with federal rules. But once the $67 million project is complete, passengers probably won’t notice the difference. Doug Joest, executive

Online Exclusives

Link Up

To show how stories in the April/May issue of Evansville Business fit into the broader context of world events, this edition of Link Up brings the Internet to you. No Google search required. Gray Loon, celebrating 20 years as innovators