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August / September 2018

Evansville Business

Behind the Numbers

“Top 10 Places to Visit This Summer!” “The Best Cities to Raise Your Family!” “20 Markets Primed for Business!” Evansville has not been a stranger to lists such as these — even ones that aren’t quite as flattering. But what

Back Talk

Bill Bussing

Hometown: Evansville, Indiana Education: Reitz Memorial High School, 1974; B.S. in communications, University of Evansville, 1977; J.D., Notre Dame Law School, Notre Dame, Indiana, 1981; M.B.A., University of Notre Dame, 1981; master’s degree in English, University of Notre Dame, 1989.

Business Front

The Audit

As shown in the Emmy Award-winning documentary that I enjoy, “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath,” a major component of scientology is called auditing. In Scientology, an audit is the process where the auditor takes someone (known as a “preclear”)


Tammy Shaw “Procrastination? Hmmm. Remember when we had the energy and tenacity to just take on any challenge right when we faced it? Some still do. I like to think I do, but sometimes it absolutely exhausts me even just to

Down the Road

Thirty years ago, the MotoMart at Burkhart Road and Division Street stood alone in an East Side field. Today, the field and surrounding property in every direction has been replaced with commerce; however, this development might never have existed were

Adrenaline Rush

Coaching football or becoming a trial lawyer. Those were the two options Glenn Grampp set for himself when planning his career after his original goal of being an engineer or an architect fell through. “I wanted something that would get

Man on the Run

In 2000, Jim Bush ran his first marathon, the Chicago Marathon, and wished Evansville could offer a similar experience, so he created a St. Patrick’s Day run at Tri-State Athletic Club, now the Run of Luck 7K. Ten years later,

Order Up

Mornings at Emge’s Deli and Ice Cream always start with coffee, followed by putting on the bacon and fried potatoes. While running and operating a deli is a balancing act of many moving parts, after 44 years on the job,

Count Me In

Walking in through the front doors of Fourth Street Accounting Solutions, you would not guess the office was home to an accounting firm. With natural light beaming from the open skylight, gargoyles perched on top of walls, and umbrellas over

Rock Solid

Mulzer Crushed Stone has been a distinctive part of the Evansville business climate since its founding in 1935. Over the years, Mulzer has expanded into six quarry locations along the Ohio River Valley and now is going global as they