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December / January 2011

Evansville Business

A Slice of Success

In 1956, weekends at Austin’s Drive-In oozed more retro cool than Johnny Rockets ever could imagine today. When the 80 parking spaces filled up, customers parked down Highway 41 for blocks, much to the chagrin of the Evansville Police Department.

Back Talk

Marilyn Klenck

Growing up in tiny Galveston, Ind., near Kokomo, Marilyn Klenck never envisioned herself working in the field of philanthropy. She enrolled at Purdue University to pursue her childhood dream of becoming a teacher, and she taught for a decade, mostly

Business Front

“And Away We Go”

My wife is fond of saying — perhaps with too great of frequency — if she could “just shake out much of what lurks or disguises itself as brain matter in my head,” then I could perhaps remember where my

Taking Stock

One Saturday afternoon in 1980, Alan Newman was on the golf course with his longtime friend Andy Present, the former manager of Hilliard Lyons in Evansville. During the round of golf, Present casually asked Newman — then a successful retailer

On Deck

As a kid, Alan Hart played sandlot baseball. As a parent, he coached two daughters on fast-pitch softball teams. As a grandfather, he developed a new baseball bat. Five years ago, Hart noticed the frustration his grandchildren, then toddlers, experienced

A Dog’s Life

At 5 feet 6 inches tall, the youthful, outgoing Clark Pelphrey hardly seems imposing. He moves slowly, speaks softly, and is anything but violent, but the Owensboro, Ky., man looms large over my dog, Lena, who’s trembling in a kitchen

The Butterfly Effect

For 20 years, a 12-by-12 room at the entrance of the Albion Fellows Bacon Center had doubled as an intake office, crisis call center, and storage area for the domestic violence shelter. When contractors looked at the room at 7

Legendary Lawyer

When Charles E. (“C.E.”) Oswald was a senior at Bosse High School, a school newspaper reporter asked the class of 1940 what careers they wanted to pursue. Oswald’s answer: “An attorney.” Today, after more than 50 years of legal practice,

Online Exclusives

Link Up

We aren’t the only ones who knew the hard-working story behind Hunt Bros. Pizza, the subject of our feature story. Check out this clip, a segment from a food-centric show. Alan Newman, a longtime leader at the regional offices of