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December / January 2019

Evansville Business

Mission Efficient

While most of the country had their focus on Houston, Texas, during the 2017 Hurricane Harvey, Energy Systems Group (ESG) had their attention fixed a little higher. The Newburgh, Indiana-based company had been working with NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to install backup power to the command center that oversees the International Space Station.

Back Talk

Phillip Roberts

Hometown Elizabethtown, Kentucky Education Bachelor’s degree in business administration and management with a minor in economics, Kentucky Wesleyan College, Owensboro, Kentucky, 2004

Business Front

Help Wanted

“Today is a backwards day,” Carrie Hanebutt announces at the start of the Business Advisory Council (BAC) meeting Oct. 17 in the offices of Goodwill Industries along Green River Road.

The Season for Giving

Evansville has nonprofit groups too numerous to name, which becomes more apparent during the giving season. We curated a list of some of the city’s foundations, started by leaders of our community and not affiliated with larger national organizations, to give the gift of giving back. Children’s Causes Youth First, Inc. strengthens the lives of youth through prevention programs and social workers placed in area schools.

Best in Show

A kennel club may be the last place one thinks of when it comes to lunch or dinner choices, but the Evansville Kennel Club members know better — their club offers an experience unlike any other. In 1925, seven dog enthusiasts came together with an idea for a new club to sponsor local, purebred dog shows. As the club grew, members purchased a farmhouse along Kratzville Road to offer a space for them to gather together. In 1945, a kitchen was added.

Election Fever

Nov. 6, 2018, saw a historic turnout of voters across the country for this year’s midterm elections. Evansville was not excluded; 58,973 people — 51.4 percent of Vanderburgh County’s registered voters — turned out to voice their choices for state and county seats.

New Moves

Changes have been plentiful at Easterseals Rehabilitation Center in the last year. In 2017, Evansville Business took a tour through the renovations of the organization’s building along Bellemeade Avenue (“Bright Light” in the April/May 2017 issue). Since then, Easterseals has continued to expand programs and services to accommodate the needs of the Tri-State.

Green Machines

Hydroponics is not a cheap hobby. Scott Massey and Ivan Ball discovered this during their senior year at Purdue University while building personalized farming devices in their apartment in West Lafayette, Indiana. The idea came from NASA-funded research they worked on to develop LED grow lighting for a hydroponic growing system (a method of growing plants without soil) for the International Space Station.

Business as Usual

During the summer of 2002, Tucker Publishing Group embarked on a new endeavor — producing a top-quality business publication filled with content about Evansville and the surrounding area. In the inaugural issue, we wrote, “We hope to inform and entertain in a manner you might not expect from a business magazine.”