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February / March 2017

Back Talk

Kyle Fields

Hometown: Evansville, Indiana Job: Vice President and General Manager of Evansville Operations, SS&C Technologies Resume: Senior Financial Analyst, Mead Johnson Nutritionals, 2008-2010; Assurance, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2005-2008.

Business Front

Legendary Linda

In her 15 years as president and chief executive officer of Deaconess Health System, Linda E. White never accomplished anything — at least on paper. Instead of taking credit for the success of a growing health system, White always issued press releases and internal memorandums from the perspective of the organization. “That right there tells you how she operates,” says Deaconess Health System communication specialist Ashley Johnson. “Officially on paper, Linda herself has never done anything. She’s always a part of a greater ‘we.’”

“You mean talk — just to each other?”

One of my favorite quotes is not by the French philosopher Voltaire but by renowned sage Homer Simpson, who once said, “Rock stars. Is there anything they don’t know?”

Welcome Home

Location, location, location. For one local real estate company, it is more than an industry catchphrase; it is a way of doing business. ERA First Advantage Realty, Inc. expanded to an office at 109 State St. in Historic Downtown Newburgh, Indiana. The location not only provided much-needed overflow for ERA’s main office at 8711 W. Highway 66 in Newburgh, but also the opportunity to be part of a thriving, active community.

On the Write Track

Amy Bolek may be hidden in the background behind community organizations — even her office is inconspicuously located in the co-working space of Innovation Point — but her contributions to Evansville are far from unnoticeable. Bolek Grant Writing and Consulting Services has worked with several organizations that make contributions to the community from saving marriages to saving lives.

Small-Bank Charm

Mark Schroeder has spent a lifetime at German American Bancorp. Though it seems straightforward, he says it is a bit of an unusual story. “I like to say I’ve been fortunate to have four different careers in banking, all within the same company,” he says. In May, Schroeder marks his 45th year with the Jasper-based company. Now the chief executive officer and chairman of German American, he started as an entry-level vault teller when he was 18 years old. Fresh out of high school, his plans for college fell through, which led him to banking.

Tower of Strength

The 420 Main Building has been the home of Chapman Injury Lawyers since 2008 when Neil Chapman opened the firm. When Chapman started filming commercials from the building’s rooftops, he often would get the same question: “Where did you shoot that commercial?” “This building was like a well-kept secret,” says Chapman, who has occupied offices on the ninth, 17th, and now 12th floor. “In some ways, the building was hiding in plain sight.” Soon, the building will be difficult to miss.

Wheels Up

In the last few months, it’s been difficult for Evansville residents to turn on the local news or scroll through social media without seeing an announcement on a new business project or renovation in the city. While Downtown bustles with activity, Jacobsville to the north is seeing the progress of street projects. The East Side along North Burkhardt Road and the Interstate 69 interchange continues to see development, as well as the West Side along the Lloyd Expressway. However, all of these projects are just the beginning.