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June / July 2021

Building Evansville

Finishing Touches

The long-awaited Deaconess Aquatic Center, championed by local officials and community members, now is in the final stages of construction, with the project set for completion in early fall — just in time for high school swim season. An effort supported by Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and other city officials, countless community members, and even Olympic gold medalist and Evansville native Lilly King, the Aquatic Center looks to be a phenomenal asset to a community that will encourage and inspire future swimmers by serving Evansville area schools and local residents.

Business Front

Cheers to 105 Years

It was 1916 when Steve and David Nussmeier’s grandfather and great-uncle founded Nussmeier Engraving and Printing in Evansville. 105 years later, the two cousins are ushering in a new era of Nussmeier’s high-end services. Since 2017, the company has moved from stationary products as its mainstay into packaging, specifically chocolate bar packaging. The bars are mostly dark chocolate made by Letterpress in Los Angeles and cost up to $18 each.

Stronger Together

The Economic Development Coalition of Southwest Indiana, Growth Alliance for Greater Evansville, and Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce made a major announcement on April 1 of this year. It was no April Fools prank, but the official launch of the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership.

Polite/Impolite Inquiries

I know that locals sometimes joke that Evansville is the center of the universe as it seems there are not too many degrees of separation between Evansville and the most current person in our 24-hour news cycle world. Several years ago, a popular pastime was the Kevin Bacon - Six Degrees of Separation game. We even featured it prominently with a great illustration by Julie Harris in the March/April 2001 issue of Evansville Living.

Equipped for Success

Whether it’s buying, selling, recycling, renting, or auctioning used and new equipment, SIGMA Equipment has transformed its business from a startup enterprise in a small garage to a multi-million-dollar company that buys and sells equipment all over the world.