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December / January 2017

Evansville Business

Downtown Upswing

The complaints of residents saying there is nothing to do and nowhere to go have all but gone away. The almost audible groans of business owners under the weight of former administrations’ development decisions are but a murmur. The sound

Building Evansville

New BRU on the Block

▲ Architectural Renovators were the first contractors on the scene for the Indiana Landmarks renovation of the Greyhound. Work was completed in 2015. Cost for the exterior renovation was $900,000. In 2015 when Indiana Landmarks finished its restoration of the

Back Talk

Jack H. Kinkel

Hometown: Evansville Job: Architect, Jack R. Kinkel & Son Architects, PC Education: Business degree from Evansville College (now University of Evansville), 1962; completed architecture studies at University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, in 1964; and became licensed in 1969. Resume: Kinkel’s

Business Front

“Everybody’s so different, I haven’t changed”

“Pete” — Evansville’s own man of mystery. Since 1990, Pete has offered up the spirit of the holiday season with the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center selected as the recipient of his generosity. This gentleman (who chooses to remain anonymous) has, I

Gaining Momentum

Evansville’s newest mixed-use development is gaining momentum as construction begins on new roads, restaurants, retail stores, and sidewalks. The Promenade Development — located on 215 acres bordered by Columbia Street, Burkhardt and Oak Grove roads, and Interstate 69 — is

Retail Therapy

When Sharon Lemond and Tammy Stallings began dreaming of opening Enjolé Interiors more than two years ago, they originally planned a new build that looked old and had European influences. When those plans fell through, they expanded the search to

A New Adventure

Many know State Auditor and Lt. Governor-elect Suzanne Crouch hails from Evansville. But did you know she used to work as an auction manager for WNIN? Or that, at one time, real estate was her profession? It may be news

Web of Faith

The Catholic Foundation of Southwestern Indiana just received a slick update for its pre-existing website. Todd Brock, executive director of the Foundation, says, “The mission of The Catholic Foundation is to help individuals create legacies to serve God through Catholic causes.”

Healthy Competition

Jon Headlee may not have M.D. behind his name, but he has spent enough time in hospitals to know health care is about more than just treating people when they are sick. As president of Evansville-based Ten Adams — one