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January / February 2010

Evansville Living


As I worked alongside volunteers in New Orleans four years ago for post-Katrina relief, I felt the symptoms of a cold creeping up on me. “Oh, are you feeling sick?” several locals asked. Their suggestion was universal: “Let me make

Something Old, Something New

On Jan. 2, I’ll travel to Owensboro, Ky., to celebrate as a close friend from college ties the knot. The next weekend, I’ll hit the road to Fort Wayne, Ind., with my husband, who’s an usher at another college friend’s

Face the Music

Band or DJ? It’s a timeless question of reception planning, and today’s cost-conscious brides increasingly are choosing a third option: an MP3 player. Of course, each choice has its pros and cons. DJs are more affordable than live music, and

Speech Therapy

At a summer wedding last year, the groom’s best man told me how he and the groom used to watch a lizard crawl up the side of a terrarium during their biology class in high school. The story’s one and

A Way to Vow Them

Every wedding begins with a ceremony — whether it’s traditional black-tie or laid-back beach fun. No matter which style, couples are finding ways to add a personal touch. Martha Stewart Weddings magazine recently noted a new wedding trend: A clergy

Best Dressed

As a longtime fan of The Learning Channel’s fashion-focused reality show What Not to Wear, I’ve learned one fail-safe lesson from hosts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly: To flatter your figure, accentuate the narrowest part of your body. When I

Taste… A Wine and Dessert House

Growing up on the East Coast, Cammie Harris felt right at home in an urban setting. After the New Jersey native’s husband took a job at Mead Johnson, the family moved to small-town Newburgh, Ind., four years ago. One summer,

Fire Power

A dozen years ago, Sandy Robb opened her cake and candy shop on West Franklin Street in a building more than a century old. Her inspiration came from her childhood: “I missed the candy shop,” she says. Today, the longtime

What’s Cooking at UE

For many University of Evansville students, the school’s financial aid and scholarship awards have made a college education possible. Currently, 93 percent of full-time students receive financial aid and scholarships, and the average aid package totals more than $19,000 each

Veg Out

It’s healthy, it’s fresh, and it’s real food — made from organic produce and whole grains with nary an artificial ingredient. The catch? Eating lunch at the River City Food Co-op (116 Washington Ave.) demands a little leap of faith.

Cheap Eats

Bean Scene

To a beef-loving chili traditionalist, vegetarian chili may sound like blasphemy. But with a hearty helping of beans and seasonings, the spicy black bean chili at Zoup! Fresh Soup Company is a tasty, meatless variation on a favorite winter warm-up.


The Nashville Sound

Until I read Harlan Howard’s quote inscribed on a wall in Nashville, the reason for country music’s popularity had been a mystery to me. “Country music is three chords and the truth,” Howard once said, and his definition fit so


Jane Owen

When Jane Owen first arrived at Montana State University, she had her eyes on a degree in business administration. Her freshman class catalog showed a list of television electives, which was the influence Owen needed. The Oregon native ditched business