August / September 2020

Building Evansville

Upgraded Care

In 2008, the medical landscape of Evansville — as well as the face of Downtown — was vastly different than what it is today. That year, the Deaconess Clinic was founded when Deaconess Health System merged with Downtown Evansville’s Welborn

Back Talk

Jean Hitchcock

Education: Bachelor’s degree in political science and French, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, and a master’s degree in Spanish, Middlebury College, Middlebury Vermont Resume: Teaching positions in Ithaca, New York, and Bedford and Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, prior to moving to Evansville in

Business Front

Larger than Life

The Evansville community has had its brush with fame and fortune in the past, but none has been so costly as its dealings with Lou Pearlman. If you haven’t heard of Pearlman, you almost definitely have heard of some of

Community Connections

Big Brothers Big Sisters, Susan G. Komen, Student Government Association, and a student mentoring program — those were just a few of the organizations Courtney Johnson volunteered for during his time as a student at Indiana State University in Terre

Action Plan

Recently, the city of Evansville has begun work on a Climate Action Plan (CAP), headed up by Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute representative Carolyn Townsend and Timothy Weir, administrator, Commission on Homelessness for Evansville and Vanderburgh County. This strategic plan

Pitch Perfect

Marbles, cookies, pens, and mice — those are just a few things Greg Griggs comes across while tuning or repairing pianos through his business A-Sharp Piano Service. “I’ve found a socket wrench in an upright piano once,” says Griggs. “The

Event Regroup

How has the Evansville convention scene fared through COVID-19? For Evansville, the economic impact sustained from canceled conventions, sports games, and large-scale events due to COVID-19 has been unfortunate — 26 events during the summer and fall have been lost. “What

In A Word: Dilemma

Jan Meeks “The first thing to come to mind when hearing of a dilemma is a value/morals choice. There’s no “dilemma” in deciding to act or not unless there is a negative impact because of one of the choices. The

Full Circle

Mike Small, owner of Corporate Design, jokes that in his 40 years with the family business he’s still in the same spot where he started. Small’s entire career has been with the company. He continued the office furniture portion as

Lessons Learned

 The career of Julie McCarty has always bloomed, no matter which direction it has taken through her life. “My career has been varied, as most people would say,” she says. The Vincennes, Indiana, native who studied communications at the University

For Sale

A long-standing establishment of Downtown Evansville, the Tropicana Casino along Riverside Drive may see another change coming its way by the end of the year. The last five years have seen many changes to the tourism destination. In 2017, Evansville

Dave and Frances

Where do story ideas come from? Well, just when you least expect it, stories, like life, can occasionally show up in odd and random places. No different than my billfold and car keys. As I write this letter on Aug.