July / August 2011

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The Memory Story

I remember the day I thought I was losing my memory. I couldn’t spell “toad,” a deceptively simple word. I tried, “tode,” “toed,” and “told.” Fail. Fail. Fail. Considering I earn a wage writing, this was a disturbing circumstance. Expecting

Sweet Summertime

With summertime humidity, swimming is a necessary activity in Evansville, and who doesn’t like long weekends of barbecuing at the lake? But is it safe? We asked Sally Dominick, a clinical dietician at Deaconess Hospital, to answer common health myths

A Weighty Issue

Barbie, size zero jeans, victoria’s secret models. From an early age, young women receive a barrage of marketing messages seeming to illustrate thatskinnier is better, and, worse, that a woman’s self-worth is connected to her weight. Dr. Sandy Bowersox, a

Can 15 minutes of weightlifting make you thin?

After a workout in early May, my body felt like it was moving through water. Gravity’s gripping pull felt so much heavier than normal, but it wore off sometime during my 15-minute ride home – the same length as my

Diet Diary

I have enough diet and exercise books to rival the resources at the Duke Health Library. I also have a well-equipped home gym. I try to eat right, work out regularly, and I keep a food diary. Yes, I document

On-air Hair

In April, we asked our Facebook community which local TV personality has the best on-air hair. The answer was overwhelmingly “Dan Katz,” 14WFIE’s morning news anchor. So we were curious — what is up with Katz’s hair? Does he have

The Spa at Trump

Spa experiences in Evansville are just fine; really great, actually. With numerous day spas and massage therapists, traditional and new, more progressive treatments are available here. Worth the drive (or flight or train fare), though, is an indulgence at The

Tina Camp

In June, Tina Camp completed 700 hours of training for massage therapy through Bodyworks Massage Institute. It’s a career switch forced upon her when Camp, a 14-year veteran of Whirlpool, lost her job. The refrigerator manufacturer’s departure to Mexico meant

Free at Last

The 89-year-old Wallace Graves, former University of Evansville president, has only one favorite memory. It was caught in a photograph, and according to Graves, it was a picture worthy of the Smithsonian Institution. “It deserves a place right up there

Motor City Makeover

It’s high noon on a Sunday in Detroit’s old Corktown neighborhood, and Slows Bar-B-Q is hopping. They’re taking names at the hostess stand and schlepping briskets, baby backs, pale ale, and sweet peach tea. The rich aroma of smoke, meat,

An Oral Otter History

So much of Evansville Otter lore connects with Bosse Field history. And why not? The 1915-built attraction is the third oldest professional ballpark in the country (behind only 1912’s Fenway Park in Boston and 1914’s Wrigley Field in Chicago). Inside

Bottoms Up

In a dimly lit bar with smoke heavy in the air, a bartender with a beer belly pulls down one of three taps for a patron nursing a fried fish sandwich in a plastic basket. This scene is a Hollywood

A Perfect Pitch

Vicky Carson asked for a new kitchen countertop. Her wish was granted — the centerpiece of her kitchen now is an island topped with stunning Tropical Treasure granite, sliced and pieced together like a leopard’s skin. Surrounding the kitchen is

Summer Salad

Here we are in the middle of an Evansville summer with that sweaty humidity but with that climate for growing tomatoes. The best tomatoes I’ve found are from Bud’s Farm Market, primarily sold from a stand on 3301 S. Weinbach

Nostalgic and New

For a sweet treat, visit TF Ice Cream, commonly known as Tastee Freez, Boonville’s most nostalgic ice cream shop since 1953. Terry Fortune and his wife changed the name to Tastee Freez after they bought the vanilla-only shop in 1978.

Party Plate

In 1991, the 1950s were born again in Shyler’s BBQ and Wood Fired Grill thanks to owners L.B. and Marla Simmons’ penchant for Elvis memorabilia. Photos and posters of the “King of Rock” adorn nearly every wall of the 20-year-old

Barbecue Brew

A cold six-pack of cheap beer at a barbecue is an uninspired choice. The Smoked Vessel, our cocktail, complements the smokiness of slow-cooked barbecue. —Tom Fischer of Evansville is the host of an online show, BourbonBlog.com. He works closely with

Editor's Letter

A Tale of Two Cities

Good summer day! My family just returned from a weekend trip to Louisville, Ky., where our sons competed in a unique and fun invitational swim meet, the Lakeside Swim Club Seahawk Invitational. They were among the 27 members of Greater

Chew On This

Chew On This

Market 323 (323 Main St.) opened Downtown in June. This laid-back, eclectic restaurant offers anytime wine tours/tasting for any level wine enthusiasts — from beginners to know-it-alls. Its made-to-order menu offers dishes from paninis and pizzas to build-your-own salads and

Cheap Eats

Zesto on Wheels

Mike McAtee hails from Austin, Texas, where burrito trucks are as common as cowboy boots. The transplant and his wife Kay had toyed with bringing a food truck to Evansville for years. They bought Zesto, a drive-in restaurant, in February

Encyclopedia Evansvillia

The Death of the Baptisttown Boss

On Jan. 22, 1930, Ernest Tidrington and his wife Hallie, a local teacher at the black elementary school, pulled up to a drug store on Lincoln Avenue to buy stamps. While Hallie was in the store, Tidrington, an attorney, pulled

Digging In

All Night Long

Several years ago, I was given an angel trumpet for my garden. The tropical shrub/small tree produces large trumpet-like flowers that hang from branches. It is like music to my eyes and nose (it produces a wonderful scent), and the angel


Bringing Back Sexy

Much ado has been made by the media, including by the editors of this magazine, about Downtown living. These stories often have references to the area’s longtime struggle to thrive. This article is no different. For decades, Downtown has been

Michael Pittman

Abraham Lincoln was never a professional baseball player. The 16th president met his fate in a theater balcony before America’s pastime had players with multimillion-dollar salaries. Artist Michael Pittman suspects Lincoln would have made a great ballplayer, so he gave

Curb Appeal

Welcome to Goeddesburg

When Tom Goedde (pronounced “getty”) proposed to Mary Fold, the couple planned to marry in 2004 and live happily ever after in Tom’s home in St. Wendel with their combined seven children ages 13-21. It was a real-life Brady Brunch

Artful Living

Ardent Artwork

This pot is art, sold at Nance Galleries on the East Side. While the piece would work well on a mantel or shelf, it isn’t only for looks. Kentucky artist Laura Ross created it — like her other pottery —

Online Exclusives

Photos You Didn’t See

In our July/August 2011 issue we feature Dave and Vicky Carson's dream home ("A Perfect Pitch"). The inspiration for this home near a North Side golf course didn’t come from a desire to build. Vicky Carson simply gave her husband

Link Up

The Healthy Living feature, “The Memory Story,” shows how people can give their memories a boost, and scientific research on memories is about to receive a big boost — from a man who couldn’t remember anything. Read this gripping story