September / October 2019

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Faces of Evansville 2019

It is not the place that makes a community — it is the people. The growing arts and entertainment districts, expanding restaurant scene, cultural and educational institutions, range of companies and industries, nonprofits for almost every cause, and sunsets over

Twice as Nice

A package deal — when Jill and Tony Hall inquired about the identical homes along East Blackford Avenue in Haynie’s Corner that were for sale, they were told the two were being sold together. “When we saw them, we started

Community Cooking

Scott and Alisha Costin were sitting on a bench during a visit to New Harmony, Indiana, when they saw a small boy on a bicycle ride down the road. The boy stopped at Chris’ Pharmacy and came out five minutes

Best of the City

Romantic dining spots and the best coffee in town. Educators who inspire us and the local organizations that strive to give back. Where to break a sweat and the places to find a perfect gift. When it comes to what

Flavors of Fall

Nothing is as soothing on a cold, crisp autumn morning than a hot latte, especially the lavender honey rose latte at White Swan Coffee Lab on Franklin Street. While owner David Rudibaugh says the floral flavors might seem more suitable


Though pumpkin may be the highly celebrated fall food, ripe pears poached in red wine make a unique autumnal treat. Jane Rexing, creator of the recipe, tops her pears with chocolate ganache and toasted walnuts, making a dessert to rival

Shake It Up

Opening almost two years ago in November 2017, The Rooftop Food and Drinks (112 N.W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.) is all about individuality. Though known for its bar, the eatery offers a unique beverage to satisfy any sweet tooth:

A New Idea

Tucker Publishing Group, along with Hirsch Custom Homes, announced in August the beginning of a new Idea Home project to be located in the Estates of Victoria National in Newburgh, Indiana. The sixth Idea Home for Evansville Living is set

My Home Town

In the 1950s and ’60s, it wasn’t uncommon to hear the voice of Terry Lee Jenkins on the radio — she created many ad jingles for Bill Meeks’ Production Advertising Merchandising Service (PAMS) in Dallas, Texas. In the ’60s, Meeks started

Farm Fresh

With the rise of the “shop local” movement and efforts to be more conscious of where food comes from and who is producing and harvesting it, going to the grocery can be confusing. After all, it’s almost impossible to figure

Up The Road

There is a line that is becoming well-worn for Hoosiers — it’s so easy to get from Evansville to Bloomington now. With the opening of Interstate 69, connecting our southern river city to the middle of the state in a straight

Sail Away

A pirate ship full of monkeys was not a typical subject Dennis Deusner was used to painting, but it would be the perfect centerpiece for a mural in the bedroom of his youngest grandchild, Luka. “My daughter Elissa and her

Editor's Letter

More than a Minute

If it seems like more than a minute since we have published the Best Of Evansville list, which begins on page 36 in this issue, it is because it has been more than 12 months. In recent years, we produced


Now Playing

During the 2019 Global Leadership Summit on Aug. 8 and 9, Left Turn Productions premiered its most recent film “Intervene,” which focuses on issues relating to substance abuse and addiction. Evansville Living talked to the local film group for the

Encyclopedia Evansvillia

A Modern and Historic Utopia

On Oct. 10, 1979, hundreds gathered on the grounds of the brand new Atheneum in New Harmony, Indiana. In attendance were architect Richard Meier, Lt. Governor Robert D. Orr, and visitors from as far away as Asia. Nearly five years


Always a Carver Kid

How many light bulbs does it take to go green at Carver Community Organization’s neighborhood center? And how much can you save on electric bills there by installing rooftop solar panels? While David Wagner didn’t have all the answers, Carver’s


Stage Show

Twenty six years ago, Henderson, Kentucky, was ready to welcome the opening of its fine arts center on the campus of the community college (now known as the Preston Arts Center). As construction on the center was finishing up, the

The Final Curtain

After auditioning for the role of music director with the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra, Maestro Alfred Savia felt like everything fell into place. He still can remember the entire repertoire for his audition concert. “It’s one of those ones you say,


Trash to Treasure

Mark Stutsman and Jamie Gish prove one person’s trash truly is another’s treasure. Through their business Salvage Sculpture, the couple takes everything from vintage jewelry to metal scraps and repurposes it into other jewelry pieces, sculptures, decorative lighting, and more.

Anatomy of a Dish

All Thai-ed Up

If you have tried Thai food before, you most likely have tried the classic dish pad thai. “It’s a great starter dish for Thai food,” says Nicholas Potchanant, manager of Thai Papaya, located at 1434 Tutor Lane. “That’s why so