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March / April 2016

Evansville Living

Fitting In

On her first day volunteering for Hangers at the Academy for Innovative Studies-Diamond Avenue, former Harwood Middle School teacher Pam Wiseman helped a student obtain new clothing and later transported her back to the school.

Flock Together

As a kindergarten assistant for Henderson County Schools for 11 years, Heather Lee found herself implementing information about wild backyard birds into the students’ education. A year ago, she and her husband Scott decided to educate the community fulltime on these winged creatures when they took over ownership of Wild Birds Unlimited.

Indiana Classic

As the 19th state admitted to the Union celebrates its 200th birthday this year, we’re helping ring in Indiana’s bicentennial by presenting Hoosier Facts — bits of knowledge that highlight what makes Indiana special. You’ve seen it in Super Bowl commercials. You’ve seen it on end caps in stores. But did you know the iconic glass Coca-Cola bottle was invented in Terre Haute, Indiana?

Divine Renovation

As a territory sales manager at a large consumer goods company, Jeff Kinkade answered countless calls, but shortly after being relocated to Dallas for work, he accepted a different calling that caused him to leave the marketplace — he began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. After serving as lead pastor of a Rowlett, Texas, church for 16 years, he received a phone call in 2012 from Christian Fellowship Church on the North Side of Evansville asking if he would come there to pastor.

Take It Outside

It’s time to move your living room outside. Scott Baker, owner of Ahead of the Rest Patio Furnishings, Inc. says he’s seeing Evansville residents focus on creating comfortable, stylish, and functional outdoor living spaces. Baker assists customers in choosing the right furniture to complete their vision. Some of his most popular pieces are the fire pit coffee tables, which Ahead of the Rest has in stock year-round. The patio furnishings company offers several variations of the coffee tables, such as the 54-inch Round Chat Height Classico Fire Pit.

Into the Pit

Memphis can keep its pit-smoked barbecue with the thin tangy sauce. Kansas City, there’s no need to export yours, smoked over hickory and covered with a molasses and tomato sauce. And Texas, your brisket, tasty as it is, is beef, and while we eat our share here, our barbecue book says barbecue is pork. In Evansville, our barbecue joints don’t have to adhere to century-old traditions defining their craft; pit masters have the freedom to create their own brand of barbecue. Here’s your guide to the grilled, the smoked, and the saucy in the River City.

At First Sight

Through the spring of 2015, those traveling near Raben Tires’ Downtown location may have noticed a transformation occurring on Fourth Street. As the days grew longer, the former Scotsman building — once the ice company’s office — began to take on a different look, thanks to its new owner Philip Alvey.

Cold Hard Facts

Are you an ice cream person or a frozen yogurt person? Do you prefer sherbet or sorbet?  (And which one cleanses your palate?) As we await warmer weather, here’s a primer on everyone’s favorite scoop. Ice Cream

Soup’s On

When David Jones purchased Planters Café & Coffee Bar — formerly Planters Coffeehouse — five months ago, he says customers asked him two questions. “They asked ‘Are you going to change the chicken salad?’ and ‘Are you keeping the potato soup?’” says Jones, who also is the president and director of marketing at Magnetic Image in Evansville.

Siberian Lunch Party

New Harmony is a setting for celebrations. To beat the Winter blahs, a Siberian Lunch Party was held outside, in a grass Labyrinth, under thick snow Feb. 7. A table for 13 was set, covered in lustrous silk Turkoman carpets, English silver, Spode china, a bronze samovar (a Russian urn with a spigot), and a Russian Empire gilt crystal decanter and glasses, all awash in colorful fabrics.

Secret Recipe

Derr’s Soda located in Boonville, Indiana, is famous for its secret recipes that are more than 100 years old. When the family-owned soft drink company closed in 1992, around 300 formulas sat in a safe for several years. The third-generation owner Charles Derr announced his retirement and the closure in the Boonville Standard writing, “maybe some day someone will bring these products back to you.”

Restoring the Past

When County Commissioner Joe Kiefer stepped inside the Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse for the first time after taking office five years ago, marble coating was falling off the walls, light fixtures were deteriorating, and paint was chipping off walls and peeling away. As a child, he always had a fondness for the building, a structure he calls “a masterpiece of architecture” and a valuable asset to the community.

Center of Attention

Walk This Way

Tate Fritchley never considered herself a pageant girl. She could speak in front of a group, sure. Carrying on a conversation, the bubbly 18-year-old says, had never been a problem. But the walking — it was always the walking that tripped her up.

Editor's Letter

Memories in a Jar

Barbecue is a large factor in my earliest food memories of Evansville. I don’t recall eating any barbecue in Iowa, from where we moved. My father made a type of loose meat Sloppy Joe sandwich — called a Maid-Rite — but it wasn’t a Sloppy Joe and it wasn’t barbecue. When we visited my grandmother in Evansville, we nearly always were treated to barbecue and pie at Wolf’s Bar-B-Q.

Chew On This

Chew On This

Penny Lane Coffeehouse has opened its third location inside Lamasco Bar and Grill, 1331 W. Franklin St. Big Bang Mongolian Grill has opened at 2013 N. Green River Road. The restaurant is an open-bar Mongolian grill stir-fry with lunch and dinner options. After a few setbacks, Shyler’s Barbecue has opened in its new location at the Village Commons, 5416 E. Indiana St. The restaurant will serve the same barbecue recipe Tri-State restaurant-goers remember, along with featuring a large selection of craft beers.

Check It Out

Beatle Mania

 Australian researchers at the University of Queensland claimed to have sent a single photon back in time during an experiment in 2014. While researchers continue working on the theory of time travel, Evansville residents and visitors don’t have to wait for a scientific breakthrough in order to be transported back to the 1960s. Get ready to climb aboard a yellow submarine and take a trip back to Beatles mania when Grammy-nominated tribute band Liverpool Legends returns to Evansville to present “The Complete Beatles Experience!”

On the Course

Heading into its fifth year, the 2016 United Leasing & Finance Championship at Victoria National Golf Club is anything but par for the course.

It’s a Smash!

It’s been immortalized on screen in movies like “Office Space” and has served as the subject of countless daydreams — taking out frustration on the office printer or the pesky piece of old machinery that seems to be the bane of your workday. Leave those 9-to-5 blues behind and relieve some stress — or adrenaline — at this year’s Smash Bash. Sponsored by Alpha Laser and Imaging, the April 28 event gives participants the opportunity to smash and bash a machine with each donation.

Encyclopedia Evansvillia

Zeppelins Over Evansville

They were known as the queens of the sky, and were the largest machines ever to fly. The rigid airships, called zeppelins, flying in the 1920s and 1930s, became the most sought after aircraft during the aviation craze of the time. Politicians and civic leaders requested their appearance at events or to fly over their cities.


Main Attraction

For the University of Evansville to have a memorable men’s basketball season, it needed to have dependable players who had experience, skill, and the desire to succeed. UE had one of its best seasons in years this winter, going 23-8 in the regular season, drawing larger crowds to the Ford Center. A lot of that had to do with a big finish to the 2015 season, when the Purple Aces won the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament, and returned virtually the entire team for this season.


Out of the Woodwork

When Rob Millard-Mendez began his undergraduate studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, in his hometown, it was with the intent to go into medicine. But it would take one year for him to make the leap from potential doctor to artist. “The scholarship committee was afraid I would starve,” says Millard-Mendez with a smile. “But I said, ‘I’m going to do fine.’”

Back In Time

When the new mural timeline exhibit “What Happened Here” debuted in the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science in January, local designers Matt Wagner, Rachel Wambach, and Dana Samples admit they were both excited and relieved to unveil their final work. “Anytime you try to undertake something that’s this lengthy of a process and this big, there’s a lot of pressure,” says Wagner. “We all knew that this was going to be something that was going to be a major part of the architecture of this building in a lot of ways.”

Music City

Tri-State musicians move to Nashville, Tennessee, all the time chasing their dreams. Reitz Memorial High School alumni Nick Goss and Austin McCool did just that, but not with country music in their heads. They went to rock. Goss and McCool grew up like many other Midwestern rock fans listening to a mixture of classic and alternative rock. They played in bands together, trying to find their footing in the local music scene playing school talent shows wherever they could.


Reawaken the Past

Becky Kiesel creates small treasures salvaged from part of Evansville’s history. “Once I started making the jewelry, it just kind of evolved into finding different methods,” says Kiesel, who has made jewelry with pieces from Karges Furniture Company for the past 18 months. “I think the opportunity to own a piece of Evansville history is really unique."

Behind the Bite

Appetizing Beginnings

In the past few months Evansville has enjoyed a variety of new restaurant openings, and one specific area of town that is quickly becoming a culinary destination deserves special mention — Haynie’s Corner Arts District.

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