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March / April 2015

Evansville Living

Pawn Stars

More than one century ago, Moses Goldman founded Goldman’s Pawn Shop, beginning a tradition that has continued onto its fifth-generation owner. “For many years, the Goldmans have kept Evansville and Evansville has kept the Goldmans,” says Rachael Goldman, reworking a Jewish adage to describe the relationship begun in 1898.

Weaving the Way

A fifth-generation rug maker, he’s made the art all his own by using only recycled materials, everything from worn-out blue jeans to even blanket trimmings. “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more and more into recycling. I even drive a hybrid car,” the 61-year-old Newburgh, Indiana, resident says with a chuckle. “Plus, I think they make the prettiest rugs anyway.”

We Love Pizza

Why do we love pizza? That’s an easy answer — but not a short one. It’s customizable, shareable, delectable, portable, and we can’t get enough of it, making Evansville a perfect place for us. Pizzerias cover this city and its surrounding areas, each with its own twist on a piece of pie.

Never Met a Stranger

I first noticed James Putnam when I transferred to the University of Southern Indiana last year as a sophomore. It seemed that every time he would pass me in his 30-passenger Metropolitan Shuttle Transit System shuttle bus, he would always take the time to look up from his wheel and give me a great big wave. Interestingly enough, I found that not only would Putnam wave to me, but he would wave to each and every person that he passed on the street. It didn’t matter if it was a student, a USI maintenance man, a car, or another shuttle bus. If Putnam saw you, he waved to you.

Historic Revival

Background: The McCurdy Hotel, built at a cost of $750,000, debuted in 1917 with 300 rooms. St. Louis architect H. Ziegler Dietz designed the Colonial Revival–style hotel incorporating pink Tennessee marble in the lobby. An ad in the Evansville Courier heralded it as a “palatial and modern hostelry that will be unrivaled in any city of 100,000 in the world.” The hotel attracted dignitaries as well as everyday visitors to the city, but in the late 1960s, reservations dwindled as Downtown businesses closed.

Feel the Fire

Three years ago, Larry “Bubbles” Pollock and some friends were “just having fun” in the kitchen when they created “some pretty good stuff” and he thought, “maybe we can sell it.” The Pub owner calls it Carne Asada or “cooking with the flavor of fire.” And it is selling, despite the fact that the Lloyd Expressway cloverleaf project makes access difficult to the 37-year-old bar located at 1348 E. Division St.

Setting the Breakfast Bar

Cleavers, conveniently located just east of the Lloyd Expressway and Green River Road (across the street from William Henry Harrison High School), boldly boasts “Best Breakfast in Town” on its marquee. More than a few people I know judge a restaurant’s breakfast by the quality of its Eggs Benedict, and that seems to me a reasonable method of critique. So, while my family has enjoyed numerous breakfast entrees at Cleavers, I recently dined there to try the Eggs Benedict.

Simmering Suds

Jalapenos and peanut butter are not flavors usually associated with beer, but these homebrewers dare to think outside of the barrel. "My husband and I began brewing as a chance to customize beer to our tastes,” says Valerie Blaylock of Evansville, a new inductee to the homebrewing world. “The appeal of customizing and crafting our own beer is what really inspired us to buy our homebrew equipment kit.” Blaylock and her husband Addison have brewed Imperial Blonde Ale and Coffee Stout. Next on their list is Peanut Butter Porter.

At Your Doorstep

The days of delivery limited to pizza are long gone. Food from about any local restaurant from steak to sushi or items from convenience and grocery stores can now be delivered right to your door. There are several different options for delivery in Evansville. Here we examine two ways through McSwifty Delivery and Dine-In Delivery. McSwifty Delivery

Spice Advice

There’s no better way to add zest to your cooking than with spices and herbs. Using these tasty ingredients can enhance any dish and step up your culinary prowess. Here are a few flavors to add to take your meal to the next level. They may besmall, but they pack a punch.

Glaze Craze

The unique name brings customers in and the donuts make them stay. White Squirrel Donuts, located at 311 Main St. in Rockport, Indiana, was opened in May 2014 by owners Terry and Suzanne Carney. Its name was born from the donut shop’s time as a former bar, Two Whelan’s Bar & Grill, when a squirrel managed to find its way inside the apartment upstairs and the Rockport community became enthralled in its escape. Charlie Finnacy, the Lincoln Village Museum curator, named the squirrel Cletus and gave previous owners Guy and Dot Whelan a stuffed animal as a joke.

Past and Present

Tens of thousands of photos have crossed our desks in the 15 years we’ve published Evansville Living. With up to 200 photos in many issues — and this is our 91st issue — it’s likely that more than 18,000 photos have appeared in the magazine. To mark the occasion of the 15th anniversary of Evansville Living, we’ve gone back to the vault to select just a few photos that reflect our city.

Center of Attention

Finding Peace

For Margaret McMullan and her father James, reading and talking about what they were reading was their way of staying close, despite separate postal codes.

Editor's Letter

Skip the Accolades, We’ll Have Pizza

Fifteen years ago, the inaugural issue of Evansville Living was launched. With a few years under our belt, we’ve toned down our celebrations, perhaps just a bit, choosing to focus this issue on our favorite food — Pizza! — instead of anniversary accolades.

Check It Out

Run for Research

After losing their son Sean to medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor, Craig and Katie Witsoe of Evansville started the St. Jude Give Hope Run in their son’s memory. The run is in its fifth year and people of all ages are encouraged to participate in or attend the 5K run/walk to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Evansville philharmonic guild homes of note tour

Evansville’s architectural past is put on display as individuals explore the historic homes along Wabash Avenue during the Homes of Note House Tour. Hosted by the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra Guild for the 17th year, the tour takes place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. May 16 and includes St. Boniface Catholic Parish, 418 N. Wabash. It is the fourth oldest church in Evansville, and visitors will have the opportunity to see “Our Lady of Lourdes” Grotto, a 72-foot-long room beneath the church that has a glass case displaying St. Boniface relics.


Walk Along Main Street

When Mayor Lloyd Winnecke addressed Signature School’s 2014 graduating class last May, he told them to take pictures of Evansville’s Main Street. “When they come back for their five- or 10-year reunions, I don’t think they’ll recognize it,” says Winnecke. In the 10th anniversary issue of Evansville Living, we examined how Main Street had changed in the last decade.

Encyclopedia Evansvillia

A Tale of Two City Elections

Evansville politics have always been interesting, but in two city elections — 1951 and 1955 — the course of history forever changed. Never before, or since, have so many voters been called to the polls to participate in the process and never were elections as contentious.

Digging In

Enhancing Elements

During my time as a student at Purdue University, I took the opportunity to do a study abroad in Hannover, Germany. For my final project, I gave a presentation on Fassadenbegrünung or façade greening. At first this seemed like a foreign idea to me, but as I learned, I quickly realized that it was more common than I thought. 

For the Love of Nature

As James A. McCarty Jr., or “J.T.” as he’s more commonly called, sits in the backyard of his Newburgh, Indiana, home on a late summer day, flowers, trees, and shrubs surround him. McCarty points out each describing the perfect recipe of sunlight and water care. It’s this kind of knowledge McCarty has acquired through his business, Colonial Classics Landscape & Nursery, and brings to his own home.


A Trip for Birds

At the front door to Old Mexico in the “Texas Tropics,” McAllen, Texas, is a spicy blend of two cultures and two languages. My trip, in December, was tourism focused — and what brings tourism to Hidalgo County, and the neighboring counties throughout the Rio Grande Valley, is birds.


Dance Lessons

Yvette Walts is the kind of person who greets a new acquaintance with a hug instead of a handshake. So imagine the petite, peppy blonde’s surprise when she found herself depicted as the villain of “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition,” a Lifetime TV reality show featuring infamous “Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller.

In With The New

Forty thousand historic photographs, racks of blueprints, and acid-free boxes containing documents dating back to the 1800s now sit safely — stacked floor to ceiling — in a new storage room in Willard Library. While the public showed its appreciation for the 8,000-square-foot expansion featuring a beautiful wood-paneled gallery on Feb. 7 (a day with uncharacteristically nice weather), Director Greg Hager stresses the importantance of the project for the library’s significant archive collection.

Night on the Town

Gone are the days where plodding cover bands ruled the nightlife scene in Evansville. Today, on any given night, guests can come across a neighborhood bar with an edgy folk singer, or a packed sweaty venue grooving to a touring band. Here’s where we’re meeting friends for music.


Seeing the Light

A year ago, brothers Kyle and Kory Miller, who both live in Evansville, would go months without talking. To them, that level of interaction was completely normal — they both were busy with their own jobs and lives — what was there to say? That all changed in the summer of 2014 when Kyle, 31, and Kory, 27, collaborated to create furniture and lamps made from hardwoods and metals with an industrial and minimalist feel and presented their company, Miller Made Collective, at a Sunday Market craft fair hosted by Old Town Ladies & Gents and Bippus Frames.

Online Exclusives

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