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February / March 2021

Back Talk

Lane Young

Education: Bachelor’s degree in economics from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana; master’s degree of arts in adult education and student development from Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. Resume: Field artillery officer, United States Army, 1990-1993; assistant vice president, Old National Bank, 1993-1998;

Business Front

Publisher’s Letter: The Man

This January I lost a lifelong friend who frankly I never remember not knowing. In a bit of an unusual twist, he was not my age but one of my closest friend’s father. James “Jimmie” L. Hungate was known to

Boss of the Sauce

When entrepreneur Kelly West started Mimi’s Gourmet Pasta Sauce, Inc. in 2010, she never dreamed it would one day be sitting on grocery store shelves next to other big brand sauces like Prego, Ragu, and Newman’s Own. Eleven years later

Making Waves

Commercial radio was the bee’s knees across the world in the 1920s. Roughly 60 percent of families in the U.S. owned radios by the mid-1930s. In Evansville, the decade would spark an 80-year journey to the major media companies that

60 Second Business Strategy

Time Trip

Nashville’s new National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM) is “Out of Sight” — at least James Brown seems to think so. The Godfather of Soul is larger than life in the Rivers of Rhythm Path, his perfectly-pompadoured image projected

Online Exclusives

M is for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is one of Evansville’s largest industries. Employing thousands of people across the city and the Tri-State, manufacturing has found a home here largely due to it’s proximity to major freight outlets, making it easier to ship throughout the country.

City Talk

Evansville is a city with Midwestern roots and hints of Southern charm. While most residents don’t carry a distinct accent, Evansvillians do have their own unique way of pronouncing some of the city’s most well-known roads and landmarks, especially those

Not-so-Happy Hour

Indiana is well-known for its strict alcohol laws, but did you know that it’s actually illegal for Hoosiers to enjoy an official “Happy Hour.” While legislative efforts to overturn this law failed in 2016, not all hope is lost. Brunch

Trails for All

Evansville is a city full of hiking, biking, walking, and running trails, both inside and outside city limits. In recent years, the focus when creating and upgrading these paths has been making them accessible for all residents. The Pigeon Creek

Passover Seder

Editor's Note: This article was updated for Passover in 2023. Passover begins at sunset this Wednesday, April 5, and we want to wish everyone in the Jewish community a happy holiday! Celebrating the liberation of the Israelites from slavery in

Mister Mayor

Founded in 1812, Evansville has a long history of accomplished leaders, including our elected mayors. Counting Mayor Lloyd Winnecke who has served since 2012, Evansville has had 36 mayors in total. In this picture from the University of Southern Indiana’s

Headed South

As we begin to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic and look toward traveling once again, it’s a perfect time to revisit one of our past travel spots celebrating its 175-year anniversary. The city of Fredericksburg, Texas, much like Evansville,

L is for Lloyd

In a way, you can’t think of Evansville and not think of the Lloyd Expressway, the major throughway that connects the East and West Sides. For almost 30 years, Evansville officials worked on what is now the city’s most trafficked

Coming Into Her Own

One of Evansville’s own has been tapped to serve as head of the state’s elections and the third-highest ranking official in the Indiana state government. Holli Sullivan, a State Representative for House District 78 (which represent parts of northern and

Community Commodity

An iconic food staple of Evansville’s West Side, Grippo’s barbecue chips are a famous commodity in the city despite being manufactured in Cincinnati. What you may not know is Grippo’s sells a variety of food items other than the traditional

Stadium Standoff

It’s that lovely time of year — that’s right, March Madness is back! For the 2021 season, six famous arenas in Indiana are hosting the historic NCAA basketball tournament. While you may know the teams and already have your winning

View on High

Live in the Evansville area long and you’ll quickly find the River City offers some spectacular beauty shots from many points in the city. These views are often captured and shared through various and interesting photography methods. But finding ways

View on High

Live in the Evansville area long and you’ll quickly find the River City offers some spectacular beauty shots from many points in the city. These views are often captured and shared through various and interesting photography methods. But finding ways

Singing Something Beautiful

As a sophomore in high school, Ernie Haase fell in love with the music of renowned southern gospel singers Bill and Gloria Gaither. More than 30 years later, his longtime dream of paying tribute to their time-honored songs came true

Downtown Farewell

Like many Evansville residents who work and live in Downtown, we were saddened by the news that long-time eatery Emge’s Deli and Ice Cream would be leaving their location after 45 years. Though the iconic deli and lunch spot is moving

Springing Ahead

Daylight Saving Time (DST) has been observed in all parts of Indiana since 2006 when the state government passed a law in 2005, bringing all cities and counties under DST. But what is this spring and fall switching truly about?

Luck of the Irish

Looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? You may not need to look any farther than Goldman’s Pawn Shop in Downtown Evansville. In celebration of the St. Patrick’s holiday on March 17, a special pot

K is for Kentucky

The city of Evansville enjoys a close and longstanding relationship with its cross-river neighbor, Kentucky. With many Kentucky residents traveling over the Ohio River to work in Evansville and vice-versa, the city has developed a symbiotic relationship with the Bluegrass

Piece of the Pi

3.14159265358979323 — okay, we’ll stop there. If this number looks familiar to you, it’s because it’s one of the most famous numbers in the math world. Known as a mathematical constant, Pi essentially continues on forever but is most recognized

One Year Later

On March 11, 2020, I was sitting on the tan carpet of my grandmother’s living room in southern Missouri when my phone buzzed. It was spring break for the University of Evansville, so the email from President Chris Pietruszkiewicz came

Top Deck

If you’re from Evansville, you’ve probably heard of this little-known card game called Clabber. Known to many locally as Evansville Clabber, this four-player, trick-taking card game is a member of the Jack-Nine family card games that are popular in Europe.

You’ll Want It All To Be True

At first, you think the author Michael Martone is 100 percent serious in this faux biography about Art Smith, an early Fort Wayne, Indiana, aviator who invented skywriting. Art Smith (think of a wordsmith with a plane) performs his skywriting

J is for Jam

Rock out, Evansville! Scores of musical groups reside in the Tri-State performing all sorts of genres, from R&B to doo-wop. They’ve got the tunes that are sure to strike a chord, so turn your ears to these local bands and

Celebrity Connections

You might live under a rock if you’ve never heard of legendary actor and comedian Robin Williams. Despite his untimely death by suicide in 2014, the Chicago native has remained a household name across the country — including in Evansville

Seeing Double

Have you seen two giraffes in the African Rifts at Mesker Park Zoo? Don’t worry, it’s not an optical allusion — the zoo and botanic garden announced the newest member of their family, Kijana the reticulated giraffe, on Feb. 26.

Champions of the Court

It’s nothing but net in Evansville this week as the Ohio Valley Conference 2021 men’s and women’s Basketball Championships tipoff! Presented by Kentucky Wild, the OVC Championships run from March 3 to March 6 at the Ford Center — the continuation

Smooth Moves

It’s smooth sailing when ordering and enjoying healthy, tasty items from the menu at Tropical Smoothie Café. Located at 2101 N. Green River Road, the shop is blending these three fresh smoothies we had to try. When it comes to

Relevé to the Top

When Olivia Taylor first started dancing when she was 2 years old, it was just one hour a week. As her passion for the art grew, however, she kept adding more and more. Now she trains six to seven days

The Fight for Equality

They year of 1920 was monumental for women’s rights. Passed by Congress in 1919 and adopted in 1920 after state ratification, the 19th Amendment took the unprecedented step of granting women the right to vote. In this photo from the

I is for Inventive

With more than 200 years of history, Evansville has changed dramatically throughout the centuries, thriving on new ideas that have shaped the world. We’ve tracked down four innovative products spawned by Evansville creators. These items range from commercial to residential

Prima Pasta!

Mama Mia! We love Italian food and we know you do too. Fresh salads, homemade sauces poured over noodles, and buttery bread — covering all the classics, we’ve served-up a five-course list of Italian restaurants in Evansville. Milano’s Italian Cuisine

Selling the Exceptional

If you are a peruser of Evansville’s home listings, you may have noticed one of Evansville’s most extraordinary homes is up for sale. The sleek West Side home of Andy and Judy Davidson on Summertime Lane is 6,419 square feet of

Voices on the Speaker

In the February/March issue of Evansville Business, we dived into the history, business, and key factors of radio’s success in the Tri-State. From Midwest Communications on the West Side to Townsquare towering over Downtown in the Fifth Third building, radio

Bank of Grandeur

A grand building resembling a Greek temple once stood on the edge of Main Street and Riverside Drive. A symbol of security and power, the Old State Bank of Indiana constructed the branch at 20 Main St. in 1834. One

Fish Fridays

The season of Lent is upon us and Fridays are the perfect day to grab fish for dinner. But you don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy a delicious plate. Many local restaurants are serving up tasty eats from the

Tapping In

It’s almost spring in the Tri-State and that means it’s time for the 43rd annual Wesselman Woods Maple Sugarbush Festival. Staff members and volunteers from Wesselman will show participants the process of tapping sugar maples from the first drop of

Only A Bill

Each year, the Indiana General Assembly meets in session at the Statehouse in Indianapolis to decide on new laws for Indiana. These range from taxes to voting to school funding. Much of the bills making their way through the state

Last Chance

February is the month of love, chocolate, and strawberries — and while Valentine’s Day has come and gone, there’s still time to spread the love with a Café Latte Alla Fragola from White Swan Coffee Lab. The Café Latte Alla

Love Local

From Newburgh to the West Side, the Tri-State has lots of gift shops and knick knack stores to choose from. This week, the staff of Evansville Living revealed some of their favorite retail locations to browse for fun or find

H is for Headquarters

The third largest city in Indiana, Evansville is still underestimated by many. Although it houses the benefits of a small-town community, its many industries compete in larger markets on a national level. In fact, the River City is home to

Growing, Growing, Growing!

In our Jan. 26 Insider newsletter, we shared some local development projects going on in and around Evansville. It did not come as a surprise that as soon as we posted the story, we knew we would have to share

Making a Splash

In the May/June 2019 issue of Evansville Living, we met Mikaela Jenkins, an F.J. Reitz High School sophomore with an international swimming championship under her belt despite the amputation of her lower-left leg due to illness as a child. Two

The Fight for Equality

Originally started as Negro History Week by historian Carter G. Woodson in the 1920s, Black History Month has been nationally recognized by the U.S. government since 1976. While the month of February denotes a specific time of remembrance, Black history

Home Cooking

The winter storm and COVID-19 has many Evansville residents cooped up at home and while many restaurants have closed throughout the week, you can still enjoy a delicious meal at home! Not sure what to make? We’ve got you covered!