December / January 2021

Evansville Business

New Generation

When taking a trip to Timberlake Furniture just southwest of Mount Carmel, Illinois, it’s important to remember to wear walking shoes. While many furniture stores — both locally and nationally — boast large selections, Timberlake’s is quite literally massive. “We

Building Evansville

Constructing Connections

Transportation and infrastructure continue to be of importance in many projects through the city of Evansville. One ongoing project currently is prioritizing these two building blocks changing one of the city’s most trafficked corridors. The Walnut Street Multi-Modal Improvement Project

Business Front

Crafting Solutions

The 2021 Evansville city budget, similar to every city across the country, has taken a hit in a tough year where COVID-19 has decimated tax revenues and affected processes. The Evansville City Council voted 6-3 in October to approve Mayor

New and Improved

When the stay-at-home orders hit Evansville in March 2020, it was clear technology would become daily life’s driving force. Recognizing the importance of clear, concise, customer-friendly tech, First Bank launched their updated website and mobile banking app that same month.

Back in Town

After three decades in business, Kevin Pass thought it was time to retire, but his passion for connecting with staff and customers brought him back to doing what he loves. Pass founded Action Pest Control 35 years ago but sold

A Modest Pair

John and Diane Schroeder’s dedication to their community, family, and each other makes it clear why the couple received the Rotary Club of Evansville’s 2019 Civic Award. “I was surprised to say the least,” says Diane. “It’s always a blessing

Head for Business

Bill Fulkerson remembers as a kid watching a development being built behind his home. Every day, he would sit and watch as the workers constructed the homes from the ground up. “I’ve always been intrigued by the physical aspect of

Growing Green

Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve, the 200-acre old growth forest plotted right in the middle of Evansville, remains a destination for environmental education, nature conservation, and a place to just enjoy the outdoors — and they are looking to build on

A New Development

Evansville’s tallest building will no longer command the city’s skyline after developers concluded the structure was unsalvageable. The 18-story building at the corner of Fifth and Main Streets has several problems not only with the structure of the building but



The land between North Main Street, Franklin Street, Baker Avenue, and Illinois Street — once a plow and metal works factory from the 1870s to the 1940s — is the location of the newest Jacobsville redevelopment. The Forge on Main

Online Exclusives

Youth Sensations

Talent comes in all shapes, sizes, genders, races, and, especially, ages. The youth of Evansville are some of our brightest citizens, with outstanding abilities in arts, sports, and technology. Over the past couple years, Evansville Living has shined a light on

Treasure Hunt

The Tri-State is home to many thrift stores and resale boutiques, but some items — often with rich histories and stunning details — require their own specialty stores. Here are five local antique stores packed with hidden gems that you’ll

B is for Beer

Most Evansvillians prefer to wash down their burgers, tenderloins, and Fall Fest favorites with one staple beverage — beer. But we’re not talking about any old lager or ale. When it comes to beer, Evansville’s got a keg up on

Hoosier Hallmark

Long considered the hallmark of Hoosier cuisine, the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich is one food that makes just about any Evansville resident think of home. Now, this local-favorite dish has made its way to Hoosier Burger for a limited time

Take a Sip

On Dec. 15, 2020, Purple Cup Coffee Company announced they had officially opened on Evansville’s West Side. By the time they began serving up hot and iced coffee options at 4502 W. Lloyd Expressway, Purple Cup already had almost 500

Colors of 2020

As we move into the new year with excitement, we took time to reflect on the positives in the past 12 months. In our 2020 City View issue, we covered the people and places that make our city colorful. Enjoy

A Mayor of Talent

Evansville once had a mayor with an extravagant hobby. This photo from the University of Southern Indiana David L. Rice Library Archives showcases Charles G. Covert, mayor of Evansville from 1901 to 1906, on the far-right side alongside two cast

The Animals of Wesselman Woods

Wesselman Woods Nature Preserve is known for its breathtaking trails, nature playscape, and educational experiences, but another integral part of their operations is the assortment of wildlife housed at the Nature Center. With a total of 27 animals, Wesselman’s has

Flavors of the Month

To say our staff is excited about the opening of The Patisserie at 2nd Language (developed and owned by Pangea founder Randy Hobson) in Downtown Evansville is an understatement. On The Patisserie's menue, you can choose from house-made, flaky, artisanal

River City Trivia!

We want to test your River City knowledge! The following is a collection of questions from River City Trivia, a game made in the 1980s to celebrate Evansville’s rich and varied heritage. How much do you know about Evansville?  

What’s Fun in 2021

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — 2020 was a rough year. But, it’s officially 2021 and time to turn over a new leaf. In order to jump start the year with positivity, we picked out some

A is for Artifact

A fascinating city smack in the middle of the country, Evansville has an interesting person, place, and thing for every letter of the alphabet. The River City loves to celebrate its contributions to history through museums, monuments, and most importantly

Stars of the City

Evansville might not seem like a place that funnels out star athletes, but there have been many famous football players, swimmers, golfers, baseball, and basketball players who grew up in the River City. To celebrate Evansville’s athletic history, we’ve compiled

Fountain Foundations

Haynie’s Corner Arts District always has been a cultural hub in Evansville. Home to several popular businesses and dining establishments over the years, Haynie’s Corner has had many different looks. One of the most significant physical changes to the corner